SNCMSC Happening

6-day public intervention / 2017
Telematic mosaic happening via Skype / 2015


Happening enacted during: Speculum Artium, International Festival of New Media Culture, 15. – 17. 10. 2015 | New Gallery DDT, Trbovlje, Slovenia

In this happening I explore the possibility of influencing synchronicities or meaningful coincidences to occur in setting up of random situations, triggered by the study of time relativity, quantum mechanics and C.G. Jung’s theories. Sync Mosaic (SNCMSC) Happening was organized on Skype platform by gathering random people in a group conversation. Each participant would open a page on the number that was given in conversation by another participant and provide a first line from the page. The written content created results that were perceived as meaningful to all. A publication follows the happening, with all the text ordered by numbers given, creating new meaning and answering my question.