Black box

Site-specific audio guided walks / 2015
In collaboration with Dolores Kovačić


City at a Second Glance, 18. 5. – 10. 6. 2015 | Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art & city centre, Rijeka, Croatia;
Festival Željezara, 1. – 7. 6. 2015 | former Steel Factory, Sisak, Croatia; 
STIFF 2016, Student international film festival, 13-15.2016 | Art Cinema, Rijeka, Croatia;
26th Croatian film days, 16-20.6.2017 | Cinema Tuskanac, Zagreb, Croatia;
49th Review of Croatian Film, 24-26.11..2017 | Vrbovec, Croatia

In the search of alternative views of a city we came to the conclusion that very often we perceive it only visually, giving primacy to the sense of sight in this experience. This participatory project aims to show a view of the city by a visually impared person and convey this experience to people who are able to see. A sound installation is composed of soundscape of the city of Rijeka where a blind narrator tells his view of it. Parallel to the installation, visitors were able to participate and experience a guided route downtown, blindfolded, listening to audio tracks telling how a blind person experiences the city and then following its lead.

Project is a part of City at a Second Glance—a travelling interdisciplinary research-educational project.