3-day public intervention on Delta parking lot / 2014


Intervention was made during: Spajalica / Copula – A series of public interventions in public sphere, organized by MMSU 23.-25. 5. 2014 | Delta parking lot, Rijeka, Croatia

A collective work by Marija Kajapi, Una Rebić and Dunja Tišma, testing the possibility of using urban space and free time. Responding to a specific local problem of lack of adequate green areas for free time and socialising, the specific place was chosen too in response to the theme of the festival—time. It has been a plan by the City of Rijeka to convert the parking lot Delta into a park but over the period of 40 years the plan was never exectured. ParkPlayGround appropriated six parking spaces, the size of a 70 square meters’ apartment, and created a collective living room al fresco, inviting citizens on a picnic, to collectively activate urban space and expand its public purpose.