Colour Positive

Site-generated land art intervention / 2017
In collaboration with Metod Blejec
In conjunction with Benčić Youth Council


Intervention was made during: Land Art on the Beach Workshop, 6.-14.5. 2017, Srebrena Beach, Rijeka, Croatia

The Colour Positive is a site-generated intervention made by arranging coloured pebbles. The beach, originally white, got extended with 5 additional coloured pebbles which invited us to intervene.By doing a seemingly pointless task of moving, sorting and placing over 2 tons of pebbles forming 6 distinct colour stripes running along the beach we intended to affect beach goers by playing with and shifting their perception if only for a moment. In days after the intervention was placed the sea mixed once colour ordered beach back to the indistinct colour hue. Intervention is also a reflection of our understanding of social and natural time where a conflict occurs between the need for fast and constant production versus the one for pure being and feeling of a moment.

The project had a workshop element and during the program Land Art On The Beach that was carried out during of two weekends, it taught 13 members of Benčić Youth Council in Rijeka, Croatia, about visual art—focused specifically on landart.