In The Light of The Dark – Dubrovnik

Multisensory installation & site-specific multisensory walks / 2015
In collaboration with Dolores Kovačić


Exhibited: In the Heart of the Season – The City Is Dead, Long Live The City, 20.-25. 9. 2015 | Otok Gallery & around the city centre, Dubrovnik, Croatia.

A walk through medieval, renaissance and todays’s Dubrovnik in which the hearing, somatosensory, olfactory and gustatory system are given precedence over visual. A view of the city without mediation of sight. By giving primarily an audio and oflactory stimuli a multisensory installation in Otok Gallery was accompanied by the site-specific & site-specific walks where participants were blindfolded. The first part of the walks was designed for multisensory „sightseeing“ of the old nucleus of the city together with the artists, while the second part was arranged as visits to Lapad area where the role of the main guide was offered by a blind person from town.