Permanent installation, 80 x 40cm / 2016
In collaboration with Nikoleta Marković
Comissioned by Musagetes Foundation


Exhibited: From the Citizens to Their City, 26-30.10.2016 | Kamov Studio, Rijeka, Croatia

As a result of mapping of location of Križanićeva street and Studio Kamov in Rijeka, a space where a new platform for community oriented art projects was about to enter with support of Musagetes foundation—Housework was created as a work of institutional critique. By meticulously analyzing the local surroundings and within it the politics of different individuals, institutions and community members related to the this space—the aim of the work is to point out and invite all interested parties to think about the common space they will be using, in what way and in whose interest. The “21 Conclusions to Consider” takes inspiration from a text found in local newspaper where in 1980s the town municipality examined the quality of their work and all aspects of local administration and published it publically. Designed in similar graphic fashion, the text is framed within an announcement board and placed at the first column in front of the entrance to the space of the studio, reminiscent of the iconic house rules tables found at the entrance of the buildings, locally called house order.