Land Art In The Park

Workshops for My Place Under The Sun / 2020

In collaboration with Metod Blejec


Carried out: 3.10.2020 & 31.10 2020, Mlaka Park, Rijeka, Croatia

Metod Blejec and I conducted a land art workshop for the participants of the programme My Place Under The Sun (Moje mjesto pod suncem) which  promotes the inclusion of socially vulnerable children. The workshop aimed to open space for dialogue on the importance of nature, especially in the urban context we encounter daily, and then beyond. The reason for this lies in the desire to raise awareness of the richness of nature for our emotional, mental and physical health and to encourage creativity and free expression in an environment that is available to all and accessible to all.

Two encounters were dedicated to researching the practice of land art and art in nature. In the middle of the city, in Mlaka Park, we wanted to check how much it is possible to indulge in the elements, to be inspired by them and to express oneself creatively. On both workshops, in just a few hours the abundance of deciduous and evergreen leaves and twigs, acorns and berries, as well as fruits and flowers donated by the park’s neighbours, ignited the imagination and small works of art were created.