Let’s Flag

Visual communication workshop  / since 2017


Carried out at:
Slide Festival, 27.6.2018 | Art Cinema, Rijeka, Croatia;
Design Starters, 25.11.2017 | Croatian design association, Zagreb, Croatia;
Mozilla Festival 2017, 27-29.10.2017 | Ravensbourne College, London, UK;
SPANCIRFEST, 26.8.2017 | MOP, Varazdin, Croatia;
VAFI Festival, 3.6.2017 | Herzer Palace, Varazdin, Croatia.

Let’s Flag (croatian: Zastavljajmo) is a workshop format I originally developed for Croatian Design Association’s “Design starters” programme for school children and have been using taking it elsewehere since but with the same driving idea behind it. In an age of increasingly pronounced individualism and fear-driven separation, we all need to be reminded of the values of solidarity and togetherness, in all the richness of diversity that this planet possesses. The workshop on assembling or flagging is therefore generally dedicated to designing the officially non-existent flag of the Earth — the planet we (together) inhabit. Participants are introduced to history and basic graphic principles of flag design — a discipline known as vexillography — after which a group reflection, research and development of the new flag initiates. Each participant takes home their own flag. The scope of this workshop is for the participants to think and discuss, create concepts through collaboration and express them visually, advocating in such a way for the necessity of not only visual literacy but the critical and social too.

This format has also been adapted for adults at the Mozilla Festival in 2017 where we designed the Flag of the Internet. It was also reimagined for Slide festival in Rijeka where the goal was to design Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture flag.