Art in public spaces

Benčić Youth Council summer school / 2017

In collaboration with Marija Kajapi, Dunja Tišma and Nika Rukavina


Carried out during: 3. – 8. 7. 2017, Bencic Complex, Rijeka, Croatia

Summer School was realized upon the invitation from Bencic Youth Council and with 18 participants of the program and during a five day intense morning school, BYC + Park|Play|Ground (VMB + PARK|I|G|RALIŠTE) intervention was created. The goal of the summer school was to point out the importance of green public spaces and its effect on raising the quality of life in urban environments. The research of quality of life in the central districts of the city of Rijeka proved the dissatisfaction and the need of the inhabitants for green areas, which significantly affects the psychological and physical health of individuals. The Children’s house in the Benčić complex will become a gathering place for children from Rijeka and its surroundings and will significantly affect the immediate environment. By conquering space and creating a green zone during one week’s summer school with kids, we wanted to encourage the reflection in the youngest members of this town on the importance of open spaces and thus influence the future planning of before mentioned space.

The fourth summer school, a part of the Benčić Youth Council project, was a part of the Tobogan Festival, which is also the beginning of the cooperation on the program line Brick House, Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture. The festival’s founder was Rijeka 2020, and the main partners, besides Benčić Youth Council, were Rijeka City Library, City of Rijeka Puppet Theater and Art Kino Croatia.