Land Art On The Beach

Intense land art worskhop for Bencic Youth Council / 2017

In collaboration with Metod Blejec


Carried out: 6.-14.5. 2017, Studio Kamov and Srebrena Beach , Rijeka, Croatia

Metod Blejec and I suggested a land art workshop to Bencic Youth Council. As multidisciplinary artists, we believe that land art is a powerful medium of artistic expression, and that learning land art is relevant for the younger generation who are less and less in touch with nature, not only for living in urban areas but especially for the increasingly intense life in the virtual world. Land art has the potential to change our perception of nature, calling into question our relationship to it. Coming out of the given artistic frameworks of size, space, and duration leads us to think of these same conceptual frameworks: size, scale, time, and transience. Land art is also a provocative practice as it often pushes the boundaries between art, architecture and urbanism, thus slipping away from the strict definition of what makes up this practice. During a two weekend workshop and with participation of 13 children, we collaboratively worked on creating Colour Positive. By doing a seemingly pointless task of moving, sorting and placing over 2 tons of pebbles forming 6 distinct colour stripes running along the beach we intended to affect beach goers by playing with and shifting their perception if only for a moment. Together, we contemplated the nature of the work that will be subject to change as soon as the high tide appears and contemplated the value of the process of working itself.

For this workshop, we are proud to have received the Bencic Youth Council’s “Artist of the year” award.

Our collaborative article Land Art as a Platform for Interaction was commissioned by Musagetes Foundation and published on their platform Arts Everywhere in 2o18.