WHAT: Music event
PROJECT: art direction and promotion, web, print, stage and merchandise design, photography and video docimentation, VJ-ing
CLIENT: Pineapple ACSD – personal project
WHERE: Bassano del Grappa, Italy
WHEN: 2012

Trash-Dance is a project I managed from 2007 to 2012 in collaboration with Nicola Rigon. In the five years since its conception, we hosted many important artists from the underground electronic music scene accross the globe. Names like Shinichi Osawa, Igor Cavalera, Roses Gabor, Alex Gopher, Rustie, Nguzunguzu, Nightwave, Monki and many many more have graced Trash-Dance stages. My role was simultaneously that of an art director, designer, promoter, VJ and documentarist. The “trash” aesthetic, as the event name suggests already, was often deliberately chosen for our designs, as it suggested freedom from restraints in current trends, be that in fashion, music or design. The event was meant to be a platform for freedom of self expression for the party goers and a place where the great rhythms connected all. Trash-Dance still operates.