DESIGNED IN COLLABORATION WITH: Nicola Rigon WHAT: Music event PROJECT: visual identity, illustration, art direction CLIENT: Pineapple ACSD – personal project WHERE: Treviso, Italy WHEN: 2007-2008

Ruby was an electronic music party and part of the bigger project called Trash-Dance that I inititated in collaboration with Nicola Rigon. It was held on Tuesday’s in a disco restaurant in Treviso, offering the best of italian electronic music to design students and everyone else who’d want to join. The party was free and offered free buffet food. Thanks to the vividcharacter of the party we introduced dresscodes that changed continuously and Ruby became a themed party which the party goers loved. The posters and gadgets were designed in the light spirit of the event and simultanously reflected the design style of the period in the alternative electro-indie music scene and fashion.